How Often Do Cats Pee?

How Often Do Cats Pee

Cats Peeing Habits

Naturally, you love your cat and you want her healthy. One of the best ways to monitor the health of your cat is to check the cat’s pee. You need to check how often your cat pees, the quantity of her pee, and the quality and color of the pee. In this article, the main focus is to research these topics and understand what is normal, and what is abnormal.

How Often Do Cats Pee?

In this context, a step you should take to monitor the pee is to use a pale-colored cat litter. For a healthy cat, it is normal to pee between 2 to 4 times every day. However, the frequency of this function continues to change due to various factors such as humidity, heat, diet, and water intake. For checking the health of your cat, you need to keep a tab on his or her peeing habits and check how often do Cats Pee?

Further, you need to check whether the quantity of the pee increases or decreases suddenly, as it may be a symptom for many health issues such as diabetes, kidney diseases, or hyperthyroidism. If it is less than normal, it may indicate that the cat is suffering from crystals located in the urethra, and it is blocking the flow.

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Color Of Pee Matters

The second thing you should look for is the color of the pee. When the color of the pee is yellow or amber and clear, your cat is healthy. However, if the pee displays some cloudiness, it means that there is pus in the urine, and there may be some infection in the lower or upper urinary tract of the cat. If the urine has a pink or red tint, it means that there is blood in the urine.

There are two causes of this situation – the cat is suffering either from FLUTD or feline lower urinary tract disorder or from cystitis. Defined as the inflammation of the bladder, Feline Cystitis is a common condition among cats. It is also not a serious health concern. However, if your cat is suffering from FLUTD, it indicates a set of conditions that affects the bladder and lower urinary system of the cat, including polycythemia and kidney stones.

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Cat Pee Smell

Normal cat pee has a slightly acidic and pungent scent. However, if you notice that it is more pungent than the normal, your cat may suffer from cystitis or bladder infection. If the odor the urine of your male cat changes suddenly, it may suffer from hormonal disorders or tumors.

If your cat starts peeing outside the litter box, there may be various reasons such as the cat may have bladder or kidney health issues. It is also possible that the litter box is unclean, the cat does not like the litter box, or the cat is stressed or is suffering from anxiety.

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To conclude, the way a cat pees is the best indicator to keep a tab on the health of your cat. So I hope you get the answer for how often do cats pee?


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