Do Cats Have Belly Buttons? Know An Interesting Fact About Your Cat

Do Cats Have Belly Buttons


There was a time when cats were revered almost as gods. In ancient Egypt, household cats were regarded as a sign of prosperity and happiness for the family. Many noble and aristocratic families in ancient Egypt used to keep cats in their family and the majestic animal enjoyed all the good things in life in its independent ways. Now the question is that not only in ancient Egypt but in other civilizations as well, do we find this love and reverence for this feline species.

There are many aspects of the personality of a cat that attracts a man. Primarily of its relationship with its big cat counterparts, these felines create an aura of awe around them. Their sleek and agile physique, their innocent yet fierce eyes, their slow and smooth movement, their air of independence, create a mystery about their nature; they are even sometimes associated with evil because of their quiet and mysterious ways.

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The anatomy of a cat

The anatomy of a domesticated cat is quite similar to all the members of the genus Felis. They look similar to the big cats as tigers and lions, only their size is smaller. The skin of the cats is soft and hairy and it is very pleasant to touch. The owners of the cats would know what a feeling of satiation and contentment arises when they softly graze their fingers over the soft skin of the feline creatures. They usually have a smaller head; the male of the species usually has a bigger head than their female counterpart. They usually have a furry and thick long tail which they keep high when they feel elated.

Do cats have a belly button?

The cats do have an umbilical cord at the stage of its inception to birth. The cord is severed by the mother cat at the time of giving birth to the kittens with the help of its teeth. The belly button of the cats is not clearly visible as in the case of humans as the cat mother cannot tie a neat knot with the umbilical cord.

However, you can get a sight of the belly button on a cat once you know where to look for it. A cat’s belly button is usually located in the zone which is midway down the abdomen, which is just below the ribs and in between the nipples. If you cannot see the belly button as clearly as you find in the case of humans, it is simply because the belly button gets hidden under the fat and the fur on the cat’s skin.

Even if you can’t see the belly button, you may be sure that it is there hidden below the abdomen, closely guarded by the special anatomical design of the lean physique of the cat. This independent and majestic creature with all its nuances of mystery has created yet another aspect of its mysteriousness with the presence of a hidden belly button. If you love your cat, you would adore it always for its beauty and independence.

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