Do Cats Get Cold? Know The Fact About Your Furry Friend

Do Cats Get Cold


Having a pet in your household and spending quality time with it is a road to simple happiness and contentment. This simple happiness and contentment come from a relationship where love and company are the only reason for the fruitful exchange of concerns for each other.

If you have a cat in your house and if anyone falls sick and takes it to the bed, you will notice that your cat would not leave the bedside of the sick person it loves and cares about. It understands by its basic instincts that its love, company, and concern are needed. In the same manner, when your adorable pet falls sick and needs help, it is your duty to stay by his side and help him recover by whatever means possible.

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Yes cats get cold

Cats are pretty well adapted even to places of severe winter and rarely does catch a cold. However, when the temperature dips below freezing point, your favorite pet can be susceptible to frostbites, and therefore if you are staying at a place that experiences a severe winter and the temperature falls below freezing point, it is advisable not to allow your cat to go outside. Try to keep him warm by keeping him near warm places like a warm bed or a fireplace. Check out the best automatic cat litter reviews and select the one which suits your cat.

There are different signs by which you can discern whether your cat has caught a cold and need a helping hand. The most common signs are your cat may be shivering, trembling, or trying to cuddle into warm places. If you observe these symptoms, it is not always necessary to call a vet immediately, unless you find that the cat is having a high temperature.

While your cat catches a cold, he may refuse to take food for the time being. What you can do is to offer him smelly canned fish to encourage your feline friend to eat normally. It may be noted here that your cat must have plenty of fluid while it is suffering from a cold.

Common ailments of cats

Cats are usually cautious about their health and hence fall sick rarely. But they do fall sick at times and it is your responsibility to keep a close watch on your feline friend and immediately consult a vet once the following symptoms are seen.

Vomiting is the most common symptom that can be caused for various reasons. The cat may vomit if it eats something poisonous or inedible, or it can be caused due to more deep-rooted causes like infection, urinary tract diseases, diabetes, or hair fall.

There are other diseases of cats like feline lower urinary tract diseases, the occurrence of fleas, tapeworms, diarrhea, and eye problem.

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To sum up, in most cases, cat colds are harmless and the symptoms would go away within one or two weeks. You should keep a close watch on your pet. If you observe that the symptoms persist after one week with no signs of improvement, you should contact your vet to seek further advice as severe cold can worsen and turn into pneumonia.



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