About Me

Hi there!

This is Ava Martin from California. I am a professional accountant and doing full time 9- 5pm job. Being a mother of two toddlers, I find it very difficult to manage home chores and a full time job. But I didn’t give up to my ultimate hobby of keeping cats.

Yes! I have 6 cats at my home and initially they were two only. So, at that moment when my furry family was about to expand, I started searching for cat and kitten litter boxes and trays.

I did an extensive research of almost 15 days, and took opinion of my friends, my colleagues and ofcourse did online research too. So after doing all the research work, I compiled a list for the best cat litter boxes, trays and pans. I collected further information that was enough for me to a make a wise decision.

Finally i selected the automatic cat litter box for my kittens and cats, as I was looking for some convenience. It is a fact that those 15 days were very hectic for me, but at the end i got what i exactly wanted for my lovely sweethearts.

Then i decided to help other cat lovers like me, and published a list over my website to give them better guidance and save their time. I have made different sections and recommended the best cat litter boxes according to the needs of cats. You just need to identify your needs and good to go from there.